Designed as E-bus

Battery packs integrated in
floor, roof and rear
Low center of gravity
Multiple battery packs possible
Optimal weight distribution
Very stable in corners

Spacious interior

No wheelarches in interior!
Flexible door positions
Complete freedom in layout’s

Modular setup

Configurable in length
Lengths 8,20, 8,95, & 9,70 mtr
Width: 2,50 mtr
Doors by Ventura
Various door widths


The Movitas is accessible for all passengers, regardless of their physical limitations. The bus drops to street level for easy boarding. Travelling in the Movitas is a true experience thanks to the large windows, seat heating and convenient USB connections.

Opportunity charging

Using a pantograph induction
Batterypacks  LTO 46 or 68 kWh

Slow charging

DC charging
Using CCS Combo plug
Various NMC Battery packs

Lightweight construction

Stainless steel lightweight chassis
GVW 17.350 kg
Results in very low consumption


Efficient thermomanagement
Driveline warmth used for floorheating
Heating by electric heatpump
Completely ZE. Connected
Predictive maintenance
Double glazing provides excellent isolation
Heated side windows drivercabin
Heated frontscreen
Pre-conditioning of bus & batteries

Remote monitoring

Real-time access to;
Consumption, SoC
Remaining range
GPS data, Speed, Heating/cooling
Predictive maintenance-ready
Works with Viriciti and Openmatics
All data is logged

Driver cabine

Compliant with ISO/VDV
Excellent environment for driver
Camera’s front, side & rear
Rearview camera’s possible instead of mirrors.