Tribus has developed a new innovation for public transport, the Movitas. A 100% electric citybus that offers a solution to reduce air pollution in urban areas and city centers. The powerful design is lightweight, compact and agile making even inner cities highly accessible. The Movitas has four wheel steering and is not afraid of tight corners. The Movitas has modular battery packs and allows for opportunity charging (pantograph) or depot charging (CCS plug).


The frist driving demo model has been showed at Busworld 2019. Now we have started homologation of the Movitas. It is being tested for a climate test by TUV Rheinland. It has to endure extreme heat and extreme cold temperatures.

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Thanks to the complete flat floor the Movitas can transport more standing passengers than a bus with similar dimensions. The Movitas is modular built and available in three length sizes; 8,20 – 8,95 – 9,70 meter.

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The Movitas is accessible for all passengers, regardless of their physical limitations. The bus drops to street level for easy boarding. Travelling in the Movitas is a true experience thanks to the large windows, seat heating and convenient USB connections.

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The Movitas is clean, durable, agile and compact. This allows new bus lines that can be used deeper into inner cities. Thanks to the electric motor and the 100% electric HVAC system, the bus has zero emissions and produces no noises. The Movitas is a zero emission city bus that reduces our ecological footprint.