The busthe worldis waiting for...

You don’t have to be big, to achieve something great. By thinking out of the box, we as a young and dynamic company, have not developed an evolution but a revolution; The Movitas. The first zero emission midi city bus in the world, that contributes to a liveable and sustainable city. It has no emissions and produces no noise. With its compact dimensions and four-wheel steering system, even the old and narrow inner cities become accessible. The bus the world is waiting for, is now waiting for you. Hop on and reduce your carbon footprint.

100% silent and electric

Thanks to its modular structure, the Movitas can be built in various lengths. It is agile, compact and has four-wheel steering, making even the old and narrow inner cities highly accessible. Thanks to the silent electric motor and the 100% electric climate control system, the bus produces no noise or emissions. The Movitas uses modular battery packs that can be charged by pantograph during the route or at night with a CCS plug. Designed around the battery packs in the floor, the bus has a low center of gravity resulting in a high level of driving comfort.

Innovation power as a driving force

With innovation as the driving force of our company, we have developed not an evolution, but a revolution. A fully electric bus with a high quality finish that exceeds all expectations of a ZE bus. The first bus that is prepared for autonomous driving, platooning and crab mode. Offering passengers a true driving experience with a high level of driving comfort, seat heating and complete silence. Moreover, it is equipped with the latest energy-saving technologies such as solar panels and a heat pump.

Powerful Dutch Design

The new Dutch design highlights the state-of-the-art technical innovation. Recognized by the GIO committee, the Movitas received an official GIO award for Good Industrial Design. It has also been nominated for the Special Award for Excellence that will be presented at the end of 2021. Earlier, the Movitas reached the finals of the prestigious Dutch Automotive Innovation Award, chaired by former Prime Minister Jan-Peter Balkenende.

Homologation nearly finished!

The frist driving demo model was launched at Busworld 2019. Now we have created proto 2 which is the longest version with length 9,7 meters. We are nearly finished with the homologation and expect to hit the road early 2022.

Our time schedule


Thanks to the complete flat floor the Movitas can transport more standing passengers than a bus with similar dimensions. The Movitas is modular built and available in three length sizes; 8,20 – 8,95 – 9,70 meter.

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